Sunday, May 21, 2017

Pigging out at ParkTown FoodHub

Ollah Parktown FoodHub Antipolo! 🚦🚗⚠️ Eto na mga beshies!
Feel the street style themed food park ❤

Get your tummies full while enjoying the artsy ambiance!
very instagramable mga besh hahahahaha!


Ride a jeep/fx from Cubao to Antipolo ➡️ ride a trycycle, tadda!

Pak awra agad sa entrance beshie hahahaha! 😂

Thirsty? Fuel up! <3

Kid at heart again 🍨 🍦

Daming food choices and daming area para mag instagraming bes hahahaha! G na din kayo! <3

Awra muna habang nag aantay sa food hahahaha!

Till next! -Cherry <3

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Cho & Cul : Ammara Collection

Choker top + Culottes = Classy Sassy Chic Look 
Ammara Collection by G I N G E R <3
Photos by Jo Erik San Jose

Want to look sassy and sophisticated, but you're on a low budget? Check out G I N G E R

Sorry lace-up top, there's a new shirt on the scene ready to steal your shine. Meet the choker top: Part-turtleneck, part-halter, the shirt is everything you never knew you wanted.

Culottes- this season is about new, loosed cropped trousers. You may wear culottes on a date, out for brunch on the weekend, or to work (yes, it's possible).

Up 'til my next blog babies! x

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Frame The Face

Nowadays most ladies cannot go around the city without their eyebrows on. For ladies like me na "kilay is life" and since I always get complements with my not so real eyebrows, here's the truth behind it.
According to every blog I've read before, eyebrows frame the face. Meanwhile I’ve been out here frame less. How did my face hold itself up without frames and how did I manage? Easy.

At first it's not perfect and it looks dull, but most of the time it's too thick that it happens to appear too obvious as if a child borrowed a pencil and sketched a thick line above my eye HAHAHA.

Eyebrows by NICHIDO and EVER BILENA are constant life savers!!

Thanks for my best friend who introduced Nichido to me. At first I was hesitant because i thought it's just like the other brands around the market, but the moment i tried it, i can't help but to purchase one too!
This brow pencil lasts for hours and by hours means a day! Ladies you must try it yourself too!

        How did I discover EB brows?
Accidentally I'm out of Nichido so I ran out to the store to purchase one, but there's no stock! No!! </3
I can't go to school without my eyebrows on, tbh i look like an alien without those. 😞 
As I gaze thru the store, I saw Ever Bilena eyebrow pencils, I picked one and went straight to the counter and into the cr to quickly apply the brow pencil. And WOW, I was surprised because it's perfect as my old brow pencil.It's like a BLESSING in disguise to me!
Ever Bilena Original Pencil 12 cm, price* php 100.00
lighter pencil options for that natural definition of brows. Enriched with Vitamin E that conditions the skin. 


Before and After

        For me Nichido is most appropriate during mornings and afternoons and Ever Bilena during evenings. 😊
        Girls do you love using them too? Please let me know. 😊
Up 'til my next blog babies! x